Reserve feats

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Reserve feats

Post  abs0 on Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:38 am

Are reserve feats suppose ignore metamagic when resolving number of dices?

Consider a Storm Bolt feat on a wizard; without accounting for an increased spell slot level due to metamagic, the maximum damage this feat can have is 6d6. Since wizards don't have any L7-9 spells that can trigger this feat, wouldn't it make sense to have maximized chain lightning (for example) yield 9d6?

Another thing, Arc of Lightning: this is a L4 spell for druids; L5 for wizards. It's being counted as a 4d6 roll for wizards even though it's in L5 slot.

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Re: Reserve feats

Post  Kaedrin on Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:08 pm

Yes, they ignore metamagics. The engine does not allow us to tell if a player has a spell memorized AND that it has a metamagic tied to it. We can only tell if a spell is memorized or not.

In pnp it also ignores metamagics as it ONLY cares about the triggering spell level.

Arc of Lightning *IS* a level 4 spell. Wizards just don't get it till level 5. This is true for heal and cleric/druids and just about any cleric spell that a paladin has.

It is what it is unfortunately. As an upside, when energy substitution goes into play reserve feats will automatically use them to find the highest level spell it can.


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