Please return the function of Ember Guard fire shield

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Please return the function of Ember Guard fire shield

Post  Lord_Spanky on Wed Nov 16, 2011 7:57 am

it previous functioned exactly as the spell elemental shield does ..

now its dmg is too small to be anything more than pretty ..

you may remember .. i was the main supporter in the argument for not nerfing it in the first place back this summer when the issue first came up ..

the only reason it was nerfed was cause a single LoA user bitched about it here and got you thinking .. you catered to the wrong crowd imo .. a person who knows little of using ember guard druids ..

the ember guard form is tough to be sure .. but dmg wise it is rather impotent .. i know i have the best one on LoA ..

some enemies I can no longer defeat simply because my own dmg makes it next to impossible now without the elemental shield functioning as it did ..

i really dont see the problem with having the shield function as the elemental shield spell and rewriting the description as such ..

thats what you should have changed last time .. the description not the function ..

even with the shield ember guard builds are easily outmatched by an unbalanced number of other builds ..

why make the build weaker ??

the people opposed to having the fire shield return to its previous function are few .. literally .. you can probably count them on your hand ..

at least i have hundreds of hours of time invested in building and playing ember guard builds .. and my opinion should carry some weight as such ..


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