Eldritch Glaive + Assay Resistance

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Eldritch Glaive + Assay Resistance Empty Eldritch Glaive + Assay Resistance

Post  Gert on Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:56 pm

Someone on Tales of Amn reported this issue, and I could confirm it in Vordan's, PRC v1.42.1.

I leveled a Cleric 5/Warlock 3 with PI, PC and Magic domain (CL 9 Cleric, CL 7 Warlock) there. I put myself against a Red Dragon (SR 28), and cast Assay Resistance for +10 - for each try I summoned a new Dragon because of the Hide bug.

Still the combat log displayed "9", while it should have been >18. Perhaps that the bonus just didn't show, but I also had a "25 vs. 28" - so should have been 35 - and it still resisted.



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