Ranged Touch Attack + Sneak Attack

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Ranged Touch Attack + Sneak Attack Empty Ranged Touch Attack + Sneak Attack

Post  Kuro520 on Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:49 am

I have all expansions installed up to SoZ and updated Neverwinter Nights 2 to the latest version with only 1.42f of your pack installed in my override folder. I am playing a Warlock with some levels in rogue to gain the sneak attack feat.

I don't know if this has been posted or mentioned before but sometimes the sneak attack with spells(Ranged Touch Attack) does not gain the sneak damage bonus, this sometimes happens when switching areas. The indicator "Sneak Attack!" doesn't pop up over my characters head and when maximized my Ed. Blast only does the full blast damage without the sneak attack bonus. When it works though, the maximized Ed. Blast does the full blast damage with the sneak attack bonus.

Currently my only workaround to this is to save my game -> quit to menu -> load game and the sneak attack with spells would work properly. Is there a permanent fix to this problem?

Thank You.


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Ranged Touch Attack + Sneak Attack Empty Re: Ranged Touch Attack + Sneak Attack

Post  Gert on Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:28 pm

I'm having similar issues.

Testing was in Battle of the Builds (since K mentioned not being sure if VHC is compatible, but I don't know if this is fully compatible either). Nothing but v1.42f in override, default cmi_options. Just to be sure, I did some testing in MotB, and results seemed no different, but I find it far harder to test stuff there.

I also used this character editor to prepare my character (I don't think it would pose a problem), but I had the same results with a legal character.

1) When casting Invisible Needle from HiPS I could get sneak attacks, even if the opponenent was right in front, just as with normal attacks. However, it only seemed to work if the opponent had not yet started his attack/target lock.

A bit strange, since casting Needle (or any other offensive spell) breaks stealth, so the PC seems "unhidden" before the spell hits.

My main question here would be, if a RTA is cast from HiPS, would the target lose its Dodge/DEX modifier as a defense against that RTA?

2) When feinting in the last flurry, and Needle in the following round I couldn't add SA. Normal attacks *were* sneaks in the next round, as the target should be flat-footed (in both cases, the feint attempt was successful).

3) Forceful hand does not make a target flat-footed, as prone only gives +4 AB but no loss of Dodge/DEX afaik. Consequently, I couldn't get sneak attacks on an opponent under it's effect, but for some reason I *could* get SAs from Needle.

4) Whilst it said "Sneak Attack!" in the combat log, SA damage didn't actually seem to add to Needle.


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