Spell schools of various spells

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Spell schools of various spells Empty Spell schools of various spells

Post  Raymundo on Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:55 pm

hope this bug isn't too irrelevant to justify a posting, but I felt like sharing it nonetheless.

Some spells have the wrong spell school:

Symbol of Fear, Symbol of Death and Symbol of Pain are tagged as "Necromancy" in the dialog.tlk, but are actually having the Abjuration tag in the spells.2da.

Symbol of Sleep, Symbol of Stunning and Symbol of Persuasion are tagged as Abjuration, but correctly described as Enchantment in the dialog.tlk.

Bestow Curse is tagged as Transmutation, though it shouldbe Necromancy.

Curse of Despair is a warlock invocation and tagged as Transmutation as well, though I didn't find any D&D source on it, it should probably be Necromancy too.

(the Course of Blades line of spells is tagged as Necromancy, so I suppose I'm right on this)

Feeblemind is Divination, though it should be Necromancy.

Remove Blindness and Deafness is Divination, but should be Conjuration.

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Spell schools of various spells Empty Re: Spell schools of various spells

Post  Kaedrin on Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:35 pm

I won't be releasing any more fixes or SP releases until I get a savegame that reproduces the campaign not working.


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