Disabling PC re-equip

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Disabling PC re-equip Empty Disabling PC re-equip

Post  Ven Detta on Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:17 pm

Hi Kaedrin.

First, a big thank you for the fantastic work you've done with the PRC pack. My only minor gripe about it is the PC re-equip feature you added to resolve some exploits, because the re-equip also causes spellcasters wearing attribute altering items to lose the extra spell slots the higher attribute grants them.

It's a minor inconvenience in NWN2 OC, as the resting period is very short - although it causes problems if you have to reload a save from when enemies are close. It is much more of an issue in SoZ due to the more realistic resting conditions in that campaign.

So, is it possible to disable this feature? If there is a way to switch it off, please advise - alternatively if there are scripts that can be deleted to remove this feature I'd be okay with that.


Ven Detta

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Disabling PC re-equip Empty Re: Disabling PC re-equip

Post  legacynoob on Sun May 18, 2014 11:01 pm

Hi I would like to know if this can be turned off some how as well? Commenting out some code perhaps?

It causes memorized spells to be lost on loading a game, a bit of a nuisance .

However I'd also like to thank Kaedrin for sharing this custom content, it adds much needed spice to the game.


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