Modifying Warlock Damage

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Modifying Warlock Damage  Empty Modifying Warlock Damage

Post  Warlock on Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:24 am

As the subject says, how do you do, I am capable of modifying existing spell scripts and had created a few of my own that I felt the game was missing.

How on earth do you change the warlock blast essence damage I have for example gone though nw_i0_invocatns.nss, replaced d6 with d10 and put it in the override folder as normal I also recompiled NW_S0_IEldBlast.NSS as well. No matter what I do the warlock only ever does Xd6 damage, I can't understand why, I bet there is something very simple I am missing.

Ideally I would like the warlock to be able to cast Eldritch blast the number of times per round as his attacks per round(with reduced damage per blast), to keep up with fighters at high levels allows that is something different I want to look at latter.

Hope someone can help me.


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