Great Job and usesmapfeat question

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Great Job and usesmapfeat question Empty Great Job and usesmapfeat question

Post  AWB on Sat May 11, 2013 4:23 pm

New to NWN2. Great work! So much fun.

I have a question: I have NO scripting history, but I'm just playing around.

My question is, I want 2 different feats to have a single daily limit, i.e. you can use, for example either magic missile or horrid wilting a total of 6 times per day together. I think i can do this by making them each linked to a 3rd feat, and using the "usesmapfeat" column. Well, i made a 3rd feat using a minor "cantrip" spell (virtue) that gets 6 uses per day, then made my other 2 spell feats (horrid wilting and magic missile as tests). Now, both magic missile and horrid wilting "feats" show up in my quickbar as having 6 uses. If i use my cantrip spell, the daily uses on the cantrip, magic missile, and horrid wilting all decrease to 5. However, using magic missile and horrid wilting do NOT decrease any numbers!

The question: How do I use the usesmapfeat option so that the feats in question actually cause a decrease in the number of daily uses of the "master feat" they are linked to?

Thanks, and sorry for an insanely basic question.


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