Intuitive Attack: Bug or correct Calculation

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Intuitive Attack: Bug or correct Calculation Empty Intuitive Attack: Bug or correct Calculation

Post  bane_cleric on Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:44 am

Hi I'm new here and have a question concerning the AB Bonus from Intuitive Attack.
But firstly thanks to Kaedrin for tthis great content - its really impressive how you improved the game experience of NWN2.

I play a Aasimar Fvaoured Soul lvl 12 in Kamal's Path of Evil:

BAB: 9

Natural Strength: 18 (+4)
Modified Strength: 20 (+5)

Natural Wisdom: 24 (+6), actually 22 but in Path of Evil you can find books that permanently enhance your natural attributes...
Modified Wisdom: 30 (+10)

I also got:
Intuitive Attack
Two Weapon Fighting
Oversized Two Weapon Fighting
Favoured Weapon Morningstar (+1 from Weapon Focus)

I wield two +1 Morningstars.

The game claims my AB is 18/13 18/13
Well, I think its is:
+9 (BAB)
+5 (Strength)
+5 (Wisdom due to Intuitive Attack)
+1 (Weapon Focus)
+1 (Weapon Enhancement)
-4 (Wielding two Medium Weapons but with Two Weapon Fighting)
+2 (Oversized Two Weapon Fighting)
= 19/14 19/14

It seems that only a +4 Wisdom Bonus is applied due to Intuitive Attack. I also set CapIntuitiveIfNotPureMonk to 0 (but after I started the game and reached lvl 12).
I already tested a little bit, I edited my Wisdom to 32 but same results - my AB remains at 18/13.

Please, can somebody confirm it's a bug or did I calculate wrongly. And maybe someone can help me fix this.

greetings bane_cleric


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