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Wildshape Issues Empty Wildshape Issues

Post  sims796 on Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:48 pm

It seems like this site is still fairly active, so this is probably the best place to ask.

I've downloaded this mod, and it seems good so far, however, I've having an issue with the wildshape forms. Basically, I'm supposed to get this:

Kaedrin wrote:Armor bonuses will transfer in the following method and is automatically available for all druid shapes:

The enhance bonus on your chest armor or the armor bonus on your bracers transfers as an armor enhance bonus.
The dodge AC bonus on your boots tranfers as a dodge AC bonus.
The enhance bonus on your shield will transfer as a shield enhance bonus.
The deflection AC bonus on your helm, cloak, or ring will transfer as a deflection AC bonus.
The natural AC bonus on your necklace will transfer as a natural AC bonus.

This new system will replace the old system where all bonus were turned into the single highest value being a deflection bonus. You now get to keep all of your gear's bonuses correctly.

But I get none of that. As this is my first time playing this game, I created a Druid, he's at lvl 5, and just received Wild shape. When I transform into a bear, I don't get any bonuses from my items. I'm wearing a basic Scale Mail, a Light Shield+1, and an Amulet that gives a natural AC bonus of +1.

The only thing that applies is the necklace. The shield, as noted, is enchanted, but neither the shield AC or the enchantment of +1 shows up. Bascially, whenever I go into bear form (or any form, including Panther) I get the Base AC of that form + the necklace. I should be getting about +7 AC all in one. I even tried to equip the shield by itself for that AC Enchantment bonus, but nothing.

What could be the problem? I was hoping that with this mod, I no longer needed that Monk dip - don't really want to munchkin that much.


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Wildshape Issues Empty Re: Wildshape Issues

Post  sims796 on Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:55 pm

Silly me, I misunderstood the way it worked!

As said, it only looks at the bonuses received from the armor, not the AC itself! I mean, duh!

However, everything seems to transfer over except my Shield bonus.


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