Some questions about nwn2 modding and scripting

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Some questions about nwn2 modding and scripting Empty Some questions about nwn2 modding and scripting

Post  Nameless One on Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:00 am

Hi, I have a few questions about making new races and classes for NWN2.

1) Ranger combat style seems to be hardcoded. Is it? Archery Combat Style doesn't seem to be in cls_feat_rang.2da. It seems they used the bonus feats mechanics for Favored Enemy and hardcoded the combat styles. Is there any way to implement classes with 2 groups of bonus feats?

2) Is there a working code for new spellcasting classes with spellbook and spell preparation like Wizard?

3) Is it possible to create new feats that get bonus uses per day from an ability score, like Turn Undead and Bardic Music?

4) What's the order of precedence for results for ResistSpell() function? If it returns 1, is it safe to assume that the target doesn't have spell level absorption or globe of invulnerability?

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