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Hexblade post release suggestions. Empty Hexblade post release suggestions.

Post  Nostro on Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:16 am

First of all, hexblade is a fun class, and big props to you, Kaedrin, for implementing it.

However, I think it can use some polishing. Let's get to the problems.

Hexblade is a MAD class. It needs CHA for curse and STR/DEX to fight. Nothing wrong with it. But it's also a highly multiclassing restricted class, much more than say, warlock, who also wants to be relatively pure most of the time. Thing is, hexblade loses curse dc for any non hexblade levels (which isn't that high already due to MAD). I've seen that you're planning to add an option to use full HB level for curse DC. That's +15 DC for l30 HB, almost a difference between working all the time and not working at all. This is just too much, the feat needs only a slight buff as is. So, my suggestion:

1a) Hexblade's curse DC is 10 + character level/2 + CHA modifier. This opens up some multiclassing options to boost you melee presence with divine feats, broaden your skillset or to get additional save debuffs without losing curse DC. You still need HB 19 for dire curse and HB 26 for epic curse (plus your uses/day are based off HB level), but at least you get some room for maneuvre. Problem here is curse of letargy and silence (which still need HB26+ for their epic bonuses, but may be too good for just a small HB dip), but its fixed easily enough by making them require a certain HB level, e. g. 9 for letargy and 15 for silence.

1b) Some "Practised curser" feat. I like this option less.

Hexblade also has the potential to be a good character against mages. But right now he lacks an important feature for such a character - dispels.

2) Add "Spellbreaker curse" feat. Basically, disjunction that uses HB caster level for dipel check and consumes a use of HB's curse. "Epic spellbreaker curse" adds +5 to the check.

Finally, I think some love should be given to more melee oriented and more caster oriented hexblades. Casters should be able to deal some damage and melee HBs to make some use of the curse. Here are some possible feat suggestions:

For melees:
3) Cursed strike feat. You make a melee attack with your weapon expending a use of your hexblade's curse. If it hits, the target suffers the penalties of your hexblade's curse (no save). This does not work for curse of silence or letargy and is not affected by epic misfortune.

For casters:
4) Haunt feat. You send your dark companion to haunt a single target. The target suffers normal penalties from dark companion and takes magic damage equal to your CHA modifier each round for 5 rounds. You lose benefits of the dark companion for the duration of the effect. cd 30 sec.

5) Some damaging reserve feat (I see "negative energy burst" in the planned feats)

Also, some general stuff:
6) Epic dark companion (-4) would be awesome
7) Demoralize opponent should be instant. Seriously, there's enough stuff to cast already.
Cool HB prc ?

Anyway, just some suggestions to consider and keep up the good work.


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