Class Balancing/Closer to PnP

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Class Balancing/Closer to PnP

Post  Archaos on Thu May 12, 2011 11:12 am

You probably thought about it but I would like to hear some people's opinions.
Some classes really bug me the way they can be easily abused, so here are some recommendations:

Stormlord should require that you worship Talos as per PnP (thus limiting their alignment to NE CE CN). So many clerics go to Stormlord and lose nothing. Making them even more powerful. Doomguides switch your deity to Kelemvor, so why is Stormlord excluded? Or at least require that you are NE, CE or CN and switch your deity automatically.

Shadowdancer should require also 5 Perform and Combat Reflexes as per PnP. So many people just dip 1 SD for HiPS and forget about the class. This will make them think it twice.

Although it's not PnP, Dragon Disciple should require 3rd-level Arcane or at least 2nd-level Arcane spells to stop the ridiculous abuse. Almost all PrCs that require spellcasting start at 3rd-level Arcane requirement. Even the Warpriest requires 4th-level Divine and it's a weaker similar Warrior/Caster PrC. This change could be made an optional download if you think it's too radical.

Although an underpowered class, it would be nice if the Pale Master got the +4 STR and extra touches per PnP. The bone armor and cohort are nice extras that are not that necessary for now though.


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Re: Class Balancing/Closer to PnP

Post  BenRGamer on Fri May 13, 2011 10:51 am

Eh, I kinda like the idea. Although, it would probably break alot of existing builds.


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