Request/Inquiry, Teflammar Shadowlord?

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Request/Inquiry, Teflammar Shadowlord?

Post  Amoren on Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:55 pm

Hi, a big fan of your work on this. Definitely one of my favorite NWN2 mods. I wanted to ask about your plans/make a suggestion for the Telflammar Shadowlord prestige class from Unapproachable East. It's a 3.0 book, and not 3.5, admittedly, but its one of my favorite classes so I thought I'd ask. Very Happy On another question, could templates (particularly, the Shadow-Walker, in the same book) be added in the future?

A rough paraphrase of its abilities/requirements in case you don't have access to the book on hand;
Requirements: Hide and Move Silently 10 ranks, Blind-Fight, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Sneak Attack 2d6, Must either possess the Shadow-Walker template or have a way to cast dimension door or shadow jump.

Spellcasting: Gains three levels of spellcasting over six levels, usually with early entry spells (haste is a second level spell, dimension door a third, etc). Intelligence based.
Shadowjump: 20ft per class level per day.
One: Gains Darkvision and can see through magical darkness in addition to normal darkness.
Two: 20% concealment in darkness.
Three: Cast shadow walk 1/day, or use shadow walk one additional times per day.
Four: Shadow Pounce - make a full round attack against an adjacent enemy at the end of a teleport (shadow pounce, dimension door, etc).
Five: Make a reflex save to avoid dying from HP damage by disappearing into shadows and reappearing at the next sunset.
Six: Death attack (scales with Assassin death attack).

Thanks again for making such a great mod, by the way!


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