No Thought as Feat

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No Thought as Feat

Post  Archaos on Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:41 pm

There is an ability that the Shiba Protector (Oriental Adventures p.222) gets, called No Thought.
What it does is add Wisdom to Hit and Damage.
Also, the requirements for the class are Human (Phoenix), +5 BAB, Knowledge (Religion) 4, Alterness, Expertise, Iron Will.

You think it would be worth it and balanced, if you added it as a Monk-only feat and changing the requirements? Like requiring to be Human, Monk 5, 4 Lore, Alertness and Iron Will. (Combat Expertise which is the equivalent, would be a bad choice for a Monk as it needs 13 Int)

It would be something like a more restricted and improved version of Intuitive Attack. Being Monk-only and having many more requirements. Similar to Knockdown -> Improved Knockdown or Weapon Focus/Specialization -> Greater Weapon Focus/Specilization.
It would prevent abuse from Clerics or Druids and improving the Monk, quite a lot.


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