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Post  Archaos on Thu May 17, 2012 11:49 am

I was thinking of ways to improve the basic Wildshape you get at 5 level. The shapes are pretty mediocre, except the Panther and Boar maybe. So, instead of replacing one of the five choices (Boar, Bear, Panther, Badger, Wolf) I would suggest making a feat that is similar to Ember Guard.

Ember Guard is arguably a better choice than the stock Elementals and actually is more or less a combination of Fire and Earth Elementals.
The first Wildshapes could use a similar boost as the first levels are much more difficult than the ones where you get the Elemental Forms.

So, a feat similar to Dinosaur Companion (selectable) or Ember Guard (acquired automatically) would be very welcome. Basically, you can turn into a fifth level Dinosaur (using the Dinosaur Companion stats table) by expending one use of your Wildshape.

Also, like the Panther, it could automatically improve to it's "dire" form at level 12 (maybe by increasing it's size to the next one, simulating an Allosaurus or Tyrannosaurus shape? Who doesn't want to turn into a T-Rex? Smile ). Using the 12-14 level range in the table.
(The table is found here.)

It's totally legal with PnP rules and much cooler than the stock shapes.


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