The WoC-Lock

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The WoC-Lock

Post  BenRGamer on Sat May 07, 2011 2:40 pm

So, I tried posting this build on the builder... only to find out the builder's not exactly up to date. So, I figured I'd post it here.

After reading up on the Polymorph rules, I decided to make a warlock build to take advantage of the fact that the HG/WoC's physical stats are static, no matter how high or low your personal physical stats are.

Race: Deep Imaskari (You could do this with Aasimar or Yuan-Ti Pureblood instead, they both have Cha or Int bonuses, but this gives a good +2 Int bonus without a Level Adjustment, and once you get HG or WoC, you can effectively ignore the -2 Dex Penalty)

Starting Stats:
Str 11
Dex 8
Con 10
Int 18
Wis 10
Cha 17

These stats are based off the assumption that you'll be going 1-30 and thus they're supposed to be serviceable until you pick up HG, if you start at a mid-high level, feel free to take out the stats in Str/Dex/Con to buff up Int/Wis/Cha if you like.

1. Warlock 1 (Feat: Combat Expertise)
2. Warlock 2
3. Warlock 3 (Feat: Toughness)
4. Warlock 4
5. Warlock 5
6. Warlock 6 (Feat: Empower Eldritch Blast)
7. Warlock 7
8. Warlock 8
9. Warlock 9 (Feat: Gutteral Invocations)
10. Hellfire Warlock 1
11. Hellfire Warlock 2
12. Hellfire Warlock 3 (Feat: Maximize Eldritch Blast)
13. Warlock 10
14. Warlock 11
15. Warlock 12 (Feat: Improved Combat Expertise)
16. Warlock 13
17. Warlock 14
18. Warlock 15 (Feat: Practiced Invoker)
19. Warlock 16
20. Warlock 17
21. Warlock 18 (Feat: Eldritch Master)
22. Warlock 19
23. Warlock 20 (Feat: Epic Spell: Vampiric Feast) (May change this)
24. Fighter 1 (Bonus Feat: Epic Toughness +30)
25. Warlock 21 (Bonus Feat: Epic Eldritch Blast +1d6)
26. Fighter 2 (Bonus Feat: Epic Toughness +60)
27. Warlock 22 (Feat: Epic Eldritch Blast +2d6)
28. Fighter 3
29. Warlock 23 (Feat: Epic Eldritch Blast +3d6, Bonus Feat: Epic Eldritch Blast +4d6)
30. Fighter 4 (Bonus Feat: Epic Toughness +90)

This will get you a supertough Warlock with 14d6 Full Blast Dice and up to 35d6 total blast die (14d6 +4d6 Epic Blast Dice, +2d6 from the Greater Chausible, +6d6 from Hellfire, +9d6 from Eldritch Master)

Plus, with the current stats and feats, you have 316 HP without even being in a form and over 500 HP in WoC.

Recommended Invocations:


Leaps and Bounds, in WoC or HG you get almost no item bonuses, so this is good for helping that out. Also, it helps in the early game to offset the low dex. Plus, extra Dodge AC never hurts.

Eldritch Glaive


Flee the Scene

Hellrime or Brimstone Blast


Hellspawned Grace (Pick this up ASAP, you can drop it once you get WoC)


Word of Changing (Obviously)

Dark Foresight, extra AC is always good, especially when you can't get any from items.

Feedback would be appreciated


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Re: The WoC-Lock

Post  BenRGamer on Sun May 08, 2011 12:16 pm

Okay, so you can't use Epic Spells while in WoC. Which means you wouldn't be able to use Vampiric Feast.

So... replace it. You could add Epic Toughness +120. If you have that, and use Devour Magic, you can push your HP over 600 in WoC.


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