PrC Suggestion - The Fiendbinder

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PrC Suggestion - The Fiendbinder

Post  BenRGamer on Tue May 03, 2011 11:32 pm

What can I say? I'm home sick and I've been leafing through a couple of old books I picked up recently. This one's in the Tome of Magic, and it caught my eye. If it was in the game, it woulda been Ammon Jerro's class, or Prestige Class... too bad Warlocks can't actually take it. Rolling Eyes

Anyway, it's basically a summoning class, with the ability to bind at least one fiend permanently (with Bind Fiend) (maybe using it as a form of Animal Companion or something) And with the ability to summon at least one more (Call Forth Fiend)

There's at least one you'd have to change, Bind Tormented Soul, maybe make instead of 3 rounds of keeping you from being able to die, to maybe about 5-6 rounds with alot of temporary hit points.

And a couple that probably wouldn't be possible (Double Command, and Summon Fiends).

But hey, I figured I could put the idea out there. Would be an interesting thought, at least.


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