A thank you, Kaedrin.

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A thank you, Kaedrin.

Post  chambord_dumb on Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:07 pm

Here is how it goes... I've been playing nwn2 for almost 3 years now... Just back in december of 2010 or so I started playing in multiplayer servers... The first two I tried were Dalelands and BGTSCC, and to date are the only two I play... I have more than 1200 hours played through steam, and I just wanted to take a bit of time posting a thread of appreciation to you, Kaedrin. Kaedrin, you probably are the single person that dedicated the most effort in improving what is now a very nice role-playing community (non roleplay too although I haven't heard of), I think that custom content is what keeps alive this game to date, with hundreds of players around the globe (take me for example. I am from Uruguay).
Now why am I taking the time to write this post? The answer is simple, yet still kind of hard to understand for me, I am not a member of the staff of any of the servers I play, hell I am only seventeen years old for what it matters, (yeah that makes me break a rule in Dalelands And Beyond, =/ ) But I still can appreciate with my little to nule knowledge that you've put an enermous amount of work into this journey. Yes, I know, sometimes and through my reads in the PW's servers we've all seen unfriendly players, selfish players and what nots (the same can be applied with staff) even then, and am sure that we can both agree to this you make the content for the exactly opposite sort of people, the ones that care, the ones that are amazed at how this was done, the ones that understand that creating something like the Hexblade is a great undertaking and therefore are patient, also probably the ones that don't post as often as you deserve. I just want to say that the answer for the why's of this thread is because I feel sorry. I don't feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for all the players that can't see what's in front of their eyes. I want to make this clear, my only true wish with this thread is to give Kaedrin some of that dose of happiness that he deserves. For all your work, and hopefully for stuff that is to come. Thanks, and the greatest apology if anyone, ever gave you a hard time for something that you're obviously doing for free, for them, for us. So that's all... I don't want to delay this any further since this is already a big wall of text that'd hate if no one reads, and good luck.
see you all on cryptic's Neverwinter.. (just kidding)


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