Magical Beast Eldritch Master

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Magical Beast Eldritch Master

Post  SteviL on Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:17 pm

Here is an enjoyable build to try out. Definately a late bloomer. I was looking for something new to play through SoZ with after getting bored in MotB with my WoC-lock

Pros: Druid caster level 20, Warlock caster level 20, qualifies for Magical Beast Wild Shape and Eldritch Master.
Cons: No Dragon Shape(a DS invoking build is possible but this build casts much better), rather weak at early levels, lackluster companion

Bonus: You can cast all of your spells and invocations while in any form of the Shapechange spell. (No need to take Word of changing now if you want a different dark invocation)

The prime directive of this build is casting while wildshaped. "Why wild shape?" you ask, "Isn't Word of Changing good enough?" Glad you asked, Word of Changing is definately powerful, but it does become rather hoo-hum after a while of playing. Also, for you powergamers, Wild Shape allows you to keep properties from your items when you shift, this ability should not be overlooked. "Why Magical Beast Wild Shape?" you ask, well mainly because we qualify for it, and it is kind of cool. Possible variations on this build would be to take druid to level 12 to get Plant Shape and Dire animals or to take druid to level 15 and get Elemental Shape, or even up to level 18 and get Dragon Shape. I have played around with these ideas a bit but in all cases invoking suffers too much to make them viable options, in my opinion.
**Special note for would be Dragon shaped invokers: you are probably better off skipping Eldritch disciple and going pure warlock/druid. I have only been able to come up with one build that qualifies for both Dragon Shape and Eldritch Master, but it has some issues.

I have played around with many different combinations of the levels and feats (trying to get to dragon shape and so on) but have found that I like this combo the best, as of now.

  • Warlock 10
  • Druid 9
  • Master of Radiance 1 (To get turn undead to qualify for ED)
  • Eldritch Disciple 10

Any race will work but I prefer to use human for extra feat and skills as well as no xp penalty or Aasimar for DCs. Note: must be Chaotic Neutral
Stats can be laid out however you like. For powergamers, the Physical(Strength, Dexterity, Constitution) stats can be completely neglected while pumping up the Mental(Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma) stats since we will be shifted the entire time. This build makes use of eldritch disciple's TRUE dual progression as discussed here Simply choose Druid as the spellcasting progression while levelling up and the type "givefeat 3386" in the console (one downside to this mentioned below).

The order of levels doesn't matter too much and can change depending on race. A few notes: must have 5 PURE warlock levels to take Guttural Invocations, must take one level of Warlock after all of your Eldritch Disciple levels to choose your invocations.

Must have feats: Natural Spell *AND* Guttural Invocations
Useful feats: Spellcasting prodigy, Practiced Invoker, Practiced Caster (Druid), Exalted wild shape (Nice SR)
Extra wild shape(depending on leveling order to qualify for MBWS), Magical beast wild shape, Eldritch Master.

Here is a link to my current variant on the db:

Magical Beast Eldritch Master
Please share your thoughts

Magical Beast Eldritch Master

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