Evasion/Vulnerability/DR Math

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Evasion/Vulnerability/DR Math

Post  marnold on Thu Dec 29, 2011 9:34 am

I've got a Ranger/Forest Master who will soon be reaching the magical 7th level and get Oakheart (IMO, the whole reason to take FM) which unfortunately adds 100% fire vulnerability. I just started Act III so at some point I'm going to be facing a certain red dragon. Thus, I wanted to know how the fire vulnerability math is calculated. First up is evasion, which I get as a Ranger. I assume that if I make my save against the dragon's breath that I would take no damage. Is that correct?

Second, I have a ring of Improved Evasion, so even if I fail the saving throw I take 50% damage. I would assume that the 50% from Improved Evasion plus the 100% vulnerability would essentially give the "normal" damage that any character who failed their saving throw would get.

Third, I have a Helm of Brilliance that gives me 20/- fire DR. Which is calculated first, DR or vulnerability/evasion?

Maybe for a simple experiment, assume I am attacked by red dragon breath and it would do 100 points of damage to a normal character with no special resistances or vulnerabilities on a failed saving throw (quite a lot, really, but I'm looking for a nice round number). I would assume that without taking evasion or DR into consideration that I would take 100 points of damage on a successful saving throw (half off for the saving throw, but then doubling it for the vulnerability) and 200 points of damage if I would fail the saving throw. How much damage would I take if I fail the saving throw, but have Improved Evasion and the Helm of Brilliance?

The simplest solution, obviously, is to have Elanee cast Energy Immunity and hope it doesn't get dispelled.


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Re: Evasion/Vulnerability/DR Math

Post  Kaedrin on Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:11 pm

Immunity/Vulnerability then Resistance. I believe Evasion is done in the middle of that (before resistance).


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