Which is better for Warlocks?

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Which is better for Warlocks?

Post  BenRGamer on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:20 am

So, after a long break, I'm ready to come back to the game--only now I'm kind of curious.

I like Warlocks, but I'm wondering about the build I'm going to use? Should I go with a high HD Warlock/Dragonslayer/Knight of Tierdrial/Hellfire Warlock (8/9/10/3, respectively, with practiced invoker for the 4 levels and 2 blast die lost), or should I go with a more pure Warlock heavy build with just Warlock/Hellfire Warlock and rely on Gutteral Invocations and Hellspawned Grace/Word of Changing for durability.


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