Prot. from X and Death Attack?

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Prot. from X and Death Attack?

Post  pyro on Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:33 am

From your list of updates:

"Protection from Alignment type spells only block charm, confusion, fear, and domination effects (not all mental effects)."

Does this mean Death Attack will no longer be ruined by Protection spells? cheers

Also; I saw a list of new spells meant to go in the assassin spellbook. Are those coming, or were they abandoned?

"•Angry Ache (L1)
•Arrowsplit (L3)
•Bloodfreeze Arrow (L4)
•Darkflame Arrow (L3)
•Ebon Ray of Doom (L3)
•Ferocity of Sanguine Rage (A4)
•Fire Shuriken (L2)
•Flesh Armor (L4)
•Heartripper (L4)
•Ice Knife (L2)
•Serene Visage (L1)
•Shadow Arrow (L4)
•Shadow Form (L4)
•Shadow Phase (L4)
•Snipers Eye (L4)
•Spider Poison (L3)
•Stop Heart (L4)
•Veil of Shadow (L2)"


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