Feat Suggestions

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Feat Suggestions

Post  Aarkon on Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:22 am

some feats that would be nice

extra sacred flames from Sacred Fist .. as is you get 2 x1 min uses of this ability how about a couple of feats adding 1 use per feat?

Etherial Purge from Doomguide .. only 1 use per day/rest on this can we get some feats for more?

Quivering Palm from Monk .. another 1 x day ability couple of feats for this for up to 3 x day?

Empty Body from Monk .. 2 x day on this normaly up to 4 x day? 1 more per a feat?

Fear Aura, Implacable Foe, and Battletide from Warpriest all 1 x day feats for 3 x day each?

Divine Wrath from Divine Champion only 1 use a day standard .. agian up to 3 x day?

Various Arrows for Arcane Archer .. Death Arrow in particular 3 x day and maybe a increased DC set of feats too for this?

Stormlord Storm Avitar .. from 1 x day to 3 x day?

on all of these im thinking 1 more use per feat

while the uses per day may not be important for a single player game on PW this would be great as you often go for long periods with no rest.


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Re: Feat Suggestions

Post  deserk on Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:18 am

How about Rapid Rage? A feat a barbarian can choose that gives him +30 % speed while raging, with maybe a 16 dex requirement. Could be very useful for immediately engaging a foe, or chasing one down. Very Happy


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