Passion of the Night - Sorcerer (9), Child of Night (10), Heartwarder (10), Cleric/Fighter/Ranger (1)

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Passion of the Night - Sorcerer (9), Child of Night (10), Heartwarder (10), Cleric/Fighter/Ranger (1)

Post  Dirtyfinger on Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:23 pm

Eve has an apple for you .... ssssssss

A Heartwarder Child of Night Sorceress will be the focus of every party. The party after adventuring, I mean. Although while adventuring, the party will still be glad to have her in the party for obvious reasons: She's a bloody good mage!

You might have noticed the one single level of Cleric/Fighter/Whatever at 29 ... that's not a missclick - that one level gives you +20 AC in one stroke, since the last Autostill feat coincides with the Armor- and Shield-proficiency feats of the respective class, allowing you to cast spells while clad in Mythril Full Plate and Heavy Shield without fear of spell failure.

The 29-class is up for debate. Fighter grants Tower Shields and a bonus feat, while Cleric grants two domain powers with Heavy Shields.

Race choice seems obvious: The Yuan-Ti grants bonuses for every stat you need. However, every nearly race is viable with the possible exceptions of Gray Dwarves and Deep Gnomes.

Dexterity is quite important for the early levels (1-28 ^_^) but becomes obsolete at 29. You'll have to decide what's important for you and then fiddle with the attribute points as you see fit.

Race: Yuan-ti Pureblood
Alignment: Lawful Something
Background: Devout
Hit Points: 174
Spell Resistance:41
CastingSpell DC: 25+spell level

- High spell DC
- High AC (at level 29)
- lots of spells per day
- permanent %20 conceal (at 23)
- immune to disease and poison (at 21)
- immune to charm and dominate (at 27)
- free kisses!
- no ECL penalty ... or just one level if you pick a race other than Yuan-Ti

- few skills
- few metamagic feats
- no crafting

Bluff:3 (14)
Diplomacy:33 (44)
Lore:30 (34)
Spellcraft:33 (35)
Tumble:10 (12)
Concentration:33 (35)
Survival:1 (1)

Attribute Base Race Final Mod
Strength 8 0 8 -1
Dexterity 16 -2 14 2
Constitution 12 2 14 2
Intelligence 14 0 14 2
Wisdom 10 0 10 0
Charisma 16 0 28 9

# Class Ability Feats Extra
1 Sorcerer (1)
- Weasel
Spellcasting Prodigy Darkvision
Hardiness vs. Poisons
Hardiness vs. Spells
Battle Training vs. Aberrations
Battle Training vs. Giants
Skill Affinity (Lore)
Weapon Proficiency (Dwarf)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple)
Summon Familiar
2 Sorcerer (2)
3 Sorcerer (3) Still Spell
4 Sorcerer (4) CHA
5 Sorcerer (5)
6 Sorcerer (6) Spell Focus (Enchantment)
7 Sorcerer (7)
8 Sorcerer (8 ) CHA
9 Sorcerer (9) Dodge
10 Child of Night (1) Child of Night Spellcasting Class (Sorcerer) Cloak of Shadows
Cold Resistance
11 Child of Night (2)
12 Child of Night (3) CHA Mobility Dancing Shadows 1/day
13 Heartwarder (1) Heartwarder Spellcasting Class (Sorcerer) Great Charisma (+1)
14 Heartwarder (2) Heart of Passion
15 Heartwarder (3) Practiced Spellcaster (sorcerer) Great Charisma (+2)
16 Heartwarder (4) CHA Lips of Rapture
17 Heartwarder (5) Great Charisma (+3)
18 Heartwarder (6) Greater Spell Penetration Spell Penetration
19 Child of Night (4)
20 Child of Night (5) CHA
21 Child of Night (6) Epic Spell: Mass Fowl
22 Child of Night (7) Dancing Shadows 2/day
23 Child of Night (8 ) Epic Spell Penetration
24 Heartwarder (7) CHA Great Charisma (+4)
25 Heartwarder (8 ) Automatic Still Spell (0 - 3)
26 Heartwarder (9) Great Charisma (+5)
27 Heartwarder (10) Automatic Still Spell (0 - 6) Fey Metamorphosis
Low-light Vision
28 Child of Night (9) CHA
29 Cleric (1)
- Luck
- Earth
Automatic Still Spell (0 - 9)
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Armor Proficiency (Heavy)
Shield Proficiency
Turn Undead
Spontaneous Conversion
(Domain) Luck of Heroes
(Domain) Toughness
30 Child of Night (10) Dancing Shadows 3/day
Night Form


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Re: Passion of the Night - Sorcerer (9), Child of Night (10), Heartwarder (10), Cleric/Fighter/Ranger (1)

Post  mariogreymist on Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:59 am

I've been toying around a bit with the Heartwarder CHA abuses, but doing it on the divine side, and I'll put forward a thought for you: If you skip spellcasting prodigy, and start as human or strongheart halfling, you can start Heartwarder levels at level 4. This would work just as well with sorcerer based Heartwarders. There is a clear trade off here - you give up those two points of CHA, and one save DC bonus at the start, but gain substantial returns with the ability to take more prestige class levels of more varieties.

While not taking prodigy as a spellcaster might seem questionable (and it usually is), successful saves vs spells at low levels are pretty rare, making the DC bonus negligible. And by the time the bonus spells really start to add up (level 10 for sorcerer is the first time a 20 CHA gives 2 extra spells over an 18) the early Heartwarder levels have more than made up the difference.

Spellcasting prodigy is not to be set aside lightly of course, as it is one of the most powerful non-epic feats. A character going for straight up spellcasting power should probably never pass it up. On the other hand, 27 prestige class levels can make an astoundingly well rounded character - particularly when you consider just how much focus is going into a single ability score.


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